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Kahlil Joseph  Artillery Magazine  January 2016  [link]

The Future- Do Artists Need Art Schools?  Artillery Magazine  September 2015 [link]

CIELO- Holding Up the Sky, Artillery Magazine  July 2015 [link]

Dismantling Art School, The Artist as Debtor  June 2015  [link]

The Permeability of the (Art) World, Artillery Magazine  December 2014 [link] [pdf]

taisha paggett Emphasizes Experience,  Artillery Magazine  November 2014 [link] [pdf]

Occupy Art-Performative Politics in Real Situations, Artillery Magazine  April/May 2012 [pdf]

Studio Visit, Dorit Cypis, Artillery Magazine  September/October 2011 [pdf]

Scores for the City, Llano del Rio Guides, Half Letter Press 2011 [pdf]

17 Minutes, Artillery Magazine  September/October 2010 [pdf]

One Image, One Minute, XTRA Art Journal  Winter 2010 [pdf]

Abraham Cruzvillegas, La Tempestad  November 2009 [pdf]

Untitled (Street Performances), 2005-2009, Extensions Journal  July 2009 [pdf]

Olafur Eliasson, La Tempestad  June 2008 [pdf]

One Flew Over the Void (Bala Perdida), August 2005 [pdf]


A Motorcycle Journey Leads to HealingCarren Jao KCET’s ArtBound  March 26, 2018 (llustrated)

Films from a Favela Destroyed by the OlympicsMatt Stromberg Hyperallergic  August 8, 2017 (Illustrated) 

Building as EverCassandra Coblentz, Orange County Museum of Art-2017 California-Pacific Triennial Catalogue

pp.17, 102-105  May 2017 (illustrated)

2017 California-Pacific Triennial, Christopher Michno, Artillery Magazine   July 14 2017

Orange County, Carol Cheh, Art Ltd Magazine, pp. 40-42  May 2017

OCMA Explores Architecture and Permanence, Alex Chan, Daily Pilot   May 25, 2017

Datebook, Carmen Miranda, Los Angeles Times  May 4 2017

Events, Matthew Stromberg, Hyperallergic  November 15, 2017 [link]

Mason Line Hammocks: Side Street Projects, Pasadena Now  October 26, 2017

Nancy Popp at Klowden Mann, Simone Kussatz, Art Ltd. Magazine  September/October 2014 [pdf

Nancy Popp, Jody Zellen, Art Scene, July/August 2014 [pdf]

Activist Art Speaks Louder than Words-The Practices of Artist Nancy Popp  Karen Kedmey, Artsy Online Editorial  August 2014 [link]

Nancy Popp at Klowden Mann   Kristen Osbourne-Bartucca, Artillery Magazine  August 2014 [link]

Nancy Popp  Geoff Tuck, notes on looking; contemporary art in los angeles  July 3rd, 2014 [link]

Power, Activism, and the Female Body: An Interview with Performance Artist Nancy Popp and Performance 

Southwest  SemiGloss Magazine  March 2014 [pdf] 

Other Visions, Other Venues; Two Indie Curatorial Projects in Los Angeles, Betty Brown ArtWeek Los Angeles  November 2013

MexiCali Biennial 2013; Cannibalism in the New World  Carol Cheh. Artillery Magazine Spring 2013

In the Space Between Bodies; Women Artists and Occupy LA  Sue Bell Yank, n.paradoxa 2013 [pdf]

Apogee- a compilation of solitude, ecology and recreation  Nüans Collective  October 2011

A Divine Midsummer Night Comedy, Kara Smith,  August 2011 [pdf]

Performance Art in Los Angeles  Holly Myers, ArtReview  May 2012 [pdf]

Southern California Art in the Time of Furloughs   Helen Lessick, Public Art Review  Spring/Summer 2011 [pdf]

Acting Out   Stuart Horodner, Rowan University Press 2011 [pdf]

Moment Trigger and Nancy Popp, curated by Dino Dinco Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

Carol Cheh, Another Righteous Transfer  December 2010 [link]

Creating Deconstructivism: Flux Fuels Chinatown’s Raw Energy  Carrie Peterson, Artillery Magazine  September/October 2010 [pdf]

7 Rings (week 11, Day 7)  Rebecca Campbell and Nicole Walker, The Huffington Post  August 2010 [link]

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers: An Evening of RePerformances curated by Carol Cheh for PØST’s July Kamikaze Shows Megan Hoetger, Another Righteous Transfer  July 2010 [link]

Chinatown and the Los Angeles River: Perform! Now!, organized by François Ghebaly, Marcus Civin, Dino Dinco, and Danielle Firoozi  Carol Cheh, Another Righteous Transfer  July 2010

Have a Meal and Support Your Local Artists, Carol Cheh, Another Righteous Transfer  May 2010 [link]

Performing Public Space  Nelly Martin, Coagula Art Journal  March/April 2010

Nancy en el Cielo de Tijuana, Jaime Chaidez–Bonilla, Identidad Cultural  March 2010

Performing Public Space  Paul Pescador, ForYourArt  February 2010

Three Women: Performances by Dawn Kasper, Taisha Paggett, Nancy Popp; Artist Curated Projects (ACP)

at the home of Eric Kim   Carol Cheh, Another Righteous Transfer  December 2009 [link]

Nancy Popp: Interventions within the Built Environment  Will Duncan,  November 2009

Public Speech and Prop 8  Marc Herbst, Art21 Blog  November 2008

Nüans, PROP und Löwenzahngelee  Gudrun Burkhardt, Coolibri  June 2008

The Different States of Body Language  Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times  May 2007

SFAI MFA Exhibition  Bob Callaway,  May 2007

Nancy Popp: When Torture Becomes Legal   Michael Lithgow, Art Threat  April 2007

Postcript from Tuscon Joanne Mattera,  March 2007

Drawings, Doings  Peter Frank, LA Weekly  October 2006



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