Untitled (collaborative performances with Rafa Esparza), 2015

New Performances, Curated by John Birtle and Christine Wang

May 28th, 2015 (Photos: Marshall Astor, Bari Kumar)


John Birtle and Christine Wang curated a night of performance actions; Rafa Esparza and Nancy Popp responded with two collaborative actions.

The first was a memorial installation to honor recently departed mentors Chris Burden and Rachel Rosenthal. Installed on the sidewalk in front of the studio building, it included photos of both artists and glass fragments which referenced Burden's action Through the Night Softly.

The second action was a 30 minute performance exploring language's source of origination in the body.  Beginning in a back alley, the engagement became more visceral and initmate as the artists dragged each other by the mouth through the building towards the memorial at the studio entrance.

© {2019} Nancy Popp