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Hammock Installation- Proposal Sketch, Lynden Sculpture Garden

Knit Sample, Mason Line

Lynden Tree Concept Sketch

Silver Maple Tree- Lynden Sculpture Garden

Glass Drawing Composite, Lynden Sculpture Garden


Lynden Sculpture Gardens, Milwaukee WI

July 26th- October 26th 2014

A physical and conceptual dialogue between projects and practices, the Lynden residency was developed over a year, through three visits beginning in August 2013. These residencies provided opportunities to undertake site research, engage with the public and collaborate with local artist Paul Druecke.  Druecke and Popp used visual markers to redraw the lines of history and explored areas of overlap and resonance between these marks, both within Lynden's exhibition gallery and on the garden grounds. 

Popp's site-specific works often address the history of a place and its cultural implications by illuminating its political and social context and exploring the relationships between the artist, audience, and institution. At Lynden, she explored the boundaries of the institution and it's recent transition from private estate to public non-profit by using Mason Line to trace her performance trajectory within and outside the garden's boundaries.

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