Flesh on Top of Another Flesh, 2013

Confusion is Sex #3, Curated by Oscar Santos, Dino Dinco and Dawn Kaspar

August 3rd, 2013 (Photos: Molly Larkey, Lily Ruffner)


This durational collaborative performance was inspired by my bodily limitations due to a recent motorcycle accident and surgery; this performance also touches upon the illegal, destructive and homophobic motivations of the US Army Corps of Engineers clearing of brush and plant growth in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation area, near where I grew up.  Flesh on Top of Another Flesh is also deeply inspired and in homage to Fischli & Weiss's 2013 sculptural work, 'Rock on Top of Another Rock', installed at London's Serpentine Gallery and on the Norwegian plateau of Valdresflya.

In this performance, audience members and exhibition participants are invited to lie on top of my body in a position and duration of our mutual choosing, as I lay on the ground.  The real experience of physical contact, vulnerability, receptivity and connection are key elements in the performance.





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