Acting Out

Rowan University Glassboro, New Jersey

January 20th - March 12th, 2011


Organized by Stuart Horodner, former artistic director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and current Director of the Art Museum at the University of Kentucky, this exhibition featured the work of Nina Katchadourian, Fahamu Pecou, Nancy Popp, Shana Robbins, Joe Sola, and Jaimie Warren.


From the catalogue:


Curator Stuart Horodner notes that Acting Out seeks to engage notions of who and how to be. Each participating artist - using combinations of painting, photography, video and performance - defines specific states of being informed by gender, race, mobility and desire. The artists' activities are generated in traditional studios as well as carefully selected locations (city streets, forests, deserts) that act as stages for precise gestures produced for the camera, canvas or passersby.


Presented in the context of a university gallery, it speaks to youthful questions about identity and possibility. By bringing together artists using diverse media with seriousness and silliness, the exhibition posits that personal investigations of self and sensibility are always in flux, modified by context and empowered by curiosity and risk.



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